“Deborah is wonderful to work with. She picked beautiful fabrics and produced a finished product that I absolutely love.”


Home Staging

Home Staging MA - Curtains Up & Decor

Home staging is all about selling real estate, making a house look and feel like a home in which a prospective buyer would like to live.

Curtains Up & Décor’s staging package will pay for itself and then some, boosting the value of your house and cutting its time on the market.

AHome Staging Professional MAt the staging point, you’re selling the space. Where design and decorating is all about bringing your personality in, staging is about removing the personal to focus on the house’s raw attributes, making them appealing and inviting for another family’s personality.

Curtains Up & Décor’s expert eye for design, color, and fabric—the makeup of your house—eliminates any remaining clutter and highlights your house’s strongest features, maximizing the sense of space, beauty, and comfort as people walk from room to room.

For more information on the benefits of home staging, see the staging statistics at Stagedhomes.com.